Introduction to the selection of color

Use Pantone Color System (PMS)  
     We suggest using the Pantone color system for your design. The Pantone Color System (PMS) is a standardized color-matching system widely used worldwide and in various industries. This detailed color numbering system help designers and printing manufacturers to specify and control colors on printing projects to overcome the colors that cannot be mixed in traditional CMYK.

Apply Pantone Color System (PMS) on umbrella
     Generally, designers do color variations on the canopy. The maximum is ten colors. We suggest controlling the number of colors under eight to allow your design patterns show best color presentation.
     Also, you can do color variations on sleeve binding, tie straps, push buttons, handles, handle straps, and ferrules to match the design of canopy. But there is MOQ for each part. If order quantities cannot meet MOQ, there will be additional surcharges for setup (start-up) fee. We suggest to carry out interdepartmental meetings across designers, sales, marketing dept, purchase dept etc to consider all the parts and choose the color. Or you can contact Artfarm/Befashion. As a professional umbrella manufacturing company, we will give you the optimal suggestion.